Cover Crop and Seed Application Recommendations

Cover Crop and Seed Application Recommendations

Cover crops have been used for centuries, and recently there has been a resurgence in their use. The starting application recommendations in this guide have been developed to give starting points when using some of these products. Normal application rates for broadcasted cover crops are typically 10-20% higher than drilled seeding rates. Individual spreading characteristics of fertilizer or cover crop products has an influence on the spread pattern and the application rate. For this reason, the parameters stated in this guide can only be used as starting points.

A spread pattern test must be conducted to confirm the actual broadcast pattern. The recommended settings for spread pattern refer to the spinner speed and spinner frame settings, not to the nutrient distribution. If you are not sure about the fertilizer origin, fertilizer density, fertilizer quality, or if the fertilizer is not yet documented in the setting chart use the SGN & Crush test kit to determine the characteristics.

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