The spinner assembly that started it all. As the first broadcast spinner to allow operators the ability to spread material up to 90 feet in up to 25 MPH winds, all while maintaining a consistent and accurate spread pattern, the L4000G4 revolutionized the broadcast spinner spreader industry. Spread ag lime, fertilizer and more.

Precision Application

  • Consistent and accurate spread patterns up to 90 feet
  • Variable rate capabilities

Ease of Use

  • Bolted-in rear endgate for better structural integrity and multi-product capabilities

Ease of Maintenance

  • Spinner motor with stainless steel shaft sleeve

Optional Features

304 stainless steel take-up brackets, hydraulic tank, and fenders.

Increase productivity by spreading two products in a single pass with the MultApplier, or up to four with the MultiBin. Both inserts allow for additional products to be spread independently or simultaneously with the main bin, and at straight or variable rates.