The NL5060 G5 pull behind spreader, with its patented 16-section swath width control technology, lets operators apply nutrients (fertilizer, compost, lime, etc.) with pinpoint accuracy. By hydraulically shifting the full spinner assembly fore/aft and left/right, and leveraging the conveyor speed adjustments, operators can reduce overlap, decrease nutrient waste, and ensure nutrients are placed only where they need them.

Precision Application

  • 16-section swath width control
  • Precise independent spinner control and monitoring
  • Hydraulic feedgate and fan frame control
  • Scales for static and in-field calibration
  • MultApplier option to spread 2 products simultaneously

Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-use New Leader User interface
  • System sensors to monitor spreader performance
  • Feedgate optimizer with automatic adjustment


Ease of Maintenance

  • Centralized grease banks
  • Automatic hydraulic chain tensioning system
  • 304 stainless steel cross tubes, mounts, and take-up brackets

Trailer Features

  • Heavy-duty trailer main frame with universal hitch
  • 4-wheel hydraulic braking system
  • Walking suspension with 12″ of travel
  • High floatation tires for light footprint


G5 Broadcast Spreader Highlights


NL5060 G5 Walkaround