MAGIE | Aug. 25-26, 2021

MAGIE (Midwest Ag Industries Exposition)

August 25-26, 2021

McLean County Fairgrounds, Bloomington, IL

Hosted by the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, MAGIE is celebrating 40 years of excellence andĀ  professionalism. The MAGIE show supports the best equipment offerings in the industry and brings together the best companies and employees in the crop production supply and service sector.


First up in the New Leader booth will be the NL5000 G5. The patented 16-section swath width control technology lets operators apply nutrients (fertilizer, compost, lime, etc.) with pinpoint accuracy. Watch this video to see the details.?

Use the free ROI calculator at our booth to see how the G5 can make a difference in your operation. Can’t make the show? Download the calculator here.?

Next up in the New Leader booth is the NL4500. The G4 Edge technology allows forĀ independent spinner speed and edge of field technology. With dual RPM sensors, operators can maintain precise speed on each spinner within 5 RPM. Flip a switch, and operators can apply nutrients along a boundary line, leading to improved product placement, and decreased nutrient waste.

?Stop by the booth to pick up a koozie with your favorite sayings and enter to win a New Leader Grizzly Cooler, or follow us on Facebook for your chance to win additional prizes!