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Because precision agriculture can only be as precise as your spreader.

Wherever accuracy and productivity are important, you’ll find New Leader spreaders. Our precision application equipment is designed for situations where the precise placement of nutrients is essential. Because we’ve made your precision our singular obsession, you’ll see the results in every application. And our success rides on yours.

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Equipment solutions that maximize uptime and your investment.

As your trusted profitability partner, we’re here to help you gauge the areas in business where you can maximize results. Walk through our free ROI calculator to see how you can take advantage of quality, reliable equipment solutions that can increase productivity and execute better crop production plans that save you time and money.

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Quality design and manufacturing with an 80-year track record. Our only mission is developing the best applicator so you can make the most of your time in the field.


Fertilizer is a commodity. The way you spread it isn’t. Our proven box and spinner design makes sure you can put product where you need it each and every time.


Our products are designed to deliver year over year. But if something goes wrong, we’ll be there with parts, service, and application experts on call, to keep you running.

New Leader Spreaders

G5 Spinner Series

Changing the face of broadcast spinner spreading by offering 16-section swath width control.

NL5000 G5

Commercial Broadcast Spreader
Learn More
NL5060 G5

Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader
Learn More

G4 Edge Spinner Series

Independent spinner speed with edge of field technology.

NL4500G4 Edge

Tractor Hydraulic Spreader
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NL4560G4 Edge

NL4560G4 Tow Behind Spreader
Learn More
NL345G4 Edge

Ag Lime Broadcast Spreader
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G4 Spinner Series

The spinner assembly that started it all, revolutionizing the broadcast spinner spreader industry.


Farm Compost Spreader NL600
Learn More

Spreader Truck Ag Lime
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Compost Spreaders

Cover more ground faster while maintaining an accurate spread pattern.


Farm Compost Spreader
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Farm Compost Spreader NL600
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Pull Type Compost Spreader
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Precision Tools

Precision tools to take your business to the next level of productivity.

Spread Pattern Test Kit

New Leader Spreader Pattern Test Kit
Learn More
Size Grade Number (SGN) and Crush Strength Kit

SGN Crush Strength Test Kit
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Reduce Repair Expenses

The goal of the New Leader Certified Technician (C-Tech) program is to help dealerships reduce repair expenses while increasing end-users’ satisfaction with New Leader Products.
Dealers can access more info about certification and sign up for our next training event through the dealer portal.

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Steve discusses his precision application business he has run for over 20 years. Watch Video
– Steve Delhotal
RDW Fertilizer
Dark Wing Icon
Steve discusses his precision application business he has run for over 20 years. Watch Video
– Steve Delhotal
RDW Fertilizer