For maximum productivity and minimum maintenance, choose the XT3 Type III A2 municipal dump body. With its dual counter-rotating augers, the XT3 Type III A2 provides even, precise material flow to the spinner, reduces the potential of material bridging, and eliminates material carryback. The rear spinner assembly adjusts up/down, side-to-side, and fore/aft for a precise spread pattern, and the conveyor cover gives operators the ability to haul and dump, making this an ideal machine for those municipalities that need versatile, reliable equipment.

High-Productivity Features:

  • 7” diameter augers with variable pitch flighting
  • AR500 steel auger flighting, providing extended life of the auger even when conveying highly abrasive material.
  • 4” diameter schedule 80 auger pipe, providing superior strength at high torque

Low Maintenance Features:

  • 7-gauge 304 stainless steel one-piece body sides trough and formed “v”
  • Single-pin auger-to-gearcase connection
  • One-bolt removal liquid pipe

Available Options:

  • Tool box
  • High volume liquid storage for pre-wet or anti-icing
  • Ladder
  • Cab shield
  • Lights