New Leader Compost Litter Spreader vs. Leading Competitor

Productivity of New Leader’s Pull Behind Compost Spreader


New Leader L5034G4 Compost Litter SpreaderLeading Competitor Compost Litter Spreader
Maximum 60' spreading width (compost)
Chicken 3 ton @ 60' @ 12 mph
Cattle 3 ton @ 60’ @ 18 mph
Cattle 5 ton @ 60' @ 12 mph
Maximum 35' spreading width (compost)
Chicken 3 ton @ 35' @ 12 mph
Cattle 3 ton @ 35’ @ 12 mph
Cattle 5 ton @ 35' @ 5 mph
Adjustable fan frame for variable product distributionFixed fan frame for single product distribution.
*Cannot be adjusted to account for increased output or more dense products

Open hopper – no inverted VInverted V with hangers.
*Restricts flow of material causing material to bridge
40-GPM for spinners @ 3400 PSI = 75 hp
27-GPM for conveyor @ 3400 PSI = 50 hp
Series circuit @ 30-GPM at 2250-PSI = 38 hp
* Reduced horsepower limits total output

There are a few really expensive things. Like downtime during peak application season, narrow swath widths, single product limitations, and limited output spreaders. When choosing which product to buy, it comes down to numbers.

For cattle compost:

  • At 3-ton rates with the L5034G4 New Leader compost spreader, spreading the maximum 60’ width at the maximum 18 mph speed for 10 hours a day, you can spread up to 720 total acres per day.
  • At 3-ton rates with the leading competitor compost spreader, spreading the competitor’s maximum 35’ width at the maximum 12 mph speed for 10 hours a day, you can spread up to 280 total acres per day.

Get over two and a half times the productivity with the New Leader L5034G4 compost spreader.

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