Wayne Schilling: Compost Spreader Increased Operations by 100 Acres Per Day

300 Acres with New Leader’s Tow Behind Compost Spreader


Wayne Schilling runs South Plains Compost near Lubbock, Texas. With customers all throughout the pan handle of Texas, Wayne and his company are responsible for hundreds of thousands of acres. The difference between spreading 200 acres per day and 300 adds up quickly.

“Since 1979, we’ve been spreading composted cattle manure. We’ve run a number of different brands and they’ve all done us a fairly good job. But the NL450C by New Leader is by far the best.”

With the other brands of spreaders South Plains Compost used, they were averaging about 200 acres per day. With the New Leader tow behind compost spreader, they average over 300.  “When you look at it from a labor cost standpoint, from a time standpoint, we can cover a lot more ground with fewer people and fewer rigs in the field.”

The NL450C’s extra wide conveyor and 50-degree side slopes give operators better material flow and increased output. Its 118-inch-wide body also gives this machine increased payload capacity for even greater ROI.

“You can spread composted cattle manure with anything. But the NL450C has reduced our cost per acre and increased our return on investment to the point where it’s by far my first choice.”

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