Emphasizing Productivity Without Sacrificing Consistency

A high capacity and high output spreader with unmatched accuracy.

Mounting pressures from many angles including government-regulated shorter application windows, rising demand, and ever-changing weather patterns have all but forced producers to find a way to do more with less.

Jim Corbin, a Product Specialist for New Leader, has witnessed first-hand the resiliency required of today’s producers and the ability to rely on their equipment to perform as a huge factor in their ability to rise above these challenges.

“New Leader builds spreaders that lasts,” he says.  In its 82 years in business, New Leader spreaders have continued to provide a quality and reliable product to its customers.  The NL345 is no exception to those standards.

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The NL345 is a high capacity, high output, pull-type broadcast spreader. “Built with New Leader’s G4 technology, the NL345 also utilizes New Leader’s Edge control that keeps fertilizer in the field where it belongs,” says Corbin.  “It has the ability to spread fertilizer as well as lime, making it a versatile tool for today’s growers. The optional MultApplier insert allows for additional products to be spread independently or simultaneously with the main bin, and at straight or variable rates.

New Leader NL345G4

Doing more with less ultimately means more acres per day. The ability to do so successfully involves many elements which point directly to the equipment itself including consistency, accuracy, and high-performance, to name a few.  “The ability to spread a wider, more consistent pattern is a big plus,” adds Corbin.

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