An Inside Look at the Revolutionary G4 Spinner Assembly

Since 1939, New Leader Manufacturing—known as Highway Equipment Company until 2019—has been transforming the spinner spreader industry. Breakthrough technologies have brought improved accuracy and efficiency to agricultural and municipal processes, increasing ROI and reducing waste for farms and cities alike.

As products were tested and put to work, New Leader continued improving the user experience. For instance, on earlier agricultural products, farmers were required to manually adjust their spinners in the field. This was a tedious and difficult process—until New Leader released the revolutionary G4 Spinner Spreader.

The Drawing Board

New Leader wanted to build a product that offered an increased spread width pattern for greater efficiency while also ensuring user-friendly adjustment capabilities. This meant finding a spinner placement that would work in all scenarios, preventing users from having to move it manually. However, finding that sweet spot was no easy feat.

After testing, testing, and more testing, it was finally determined that there wasn’t one single location for the spinner to be placed that would be effective in all situations. So, in true New Leader fashion, the team decided to pivot.

Result: New Leader G4 Spinner Spreader

New Leader solved the problem by creating a mount that could be attached in one location, featuring sliding capabilities for the spinner discs. This allowed the discs to move position while still being attached through the mount in one location.

This product, named the New Leader G4, ended up becoming a revolutionary piece of equipment. Not only were wider spread patterns achievable, but the setup was easy and the application precise—a huge improvement for users compared to earlier models.

Today, more than 90% of spinner spreaders produced in the USA are based on the G4.

New Leader G4 Edge

New Leader spreaders were originally sold without controls, meaning farmers were applying third-party alternatives to adjust spread patterns around the perimeter of their fields. In time, the use of these applications began impacting the performance of New Leader spreaders, including a decreased lifespan for conveyors and more.

New Leader released the G4 Edge to offer manufacturer-supplied control systems with a common user interface and user-friendly controls. Features like automatic chain tension help prolong conveyor life while edge spinner control improves yield and decreases overspread outside of the field.

New Leader G5

In 2017, New Leader released the G5 assembly, which offers 16-section swath control, hydraulic feed gates, and live spread pattern adjustments based on rate.

For the user, this means greater accuracy in material placement when using a prescription map as well as the ability to adjust spreading patterns from the cab—improving safety and efficiency. The G5 also reduces product waste and optimizes spread patterns for Variable Rate Technologies (VRT).

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, New Leader continues to focus on innovation and improving user experiences. Our new products and technologies are designed to help Ag retailers and growers around the world maintain productivity, profitability, and sustainability season after season.
New Leader’s commitment to quality has positioned us as an industry leader for the last 85 years and will help keep our equipment at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

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