Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions About G5 Spreader Technology

How much maintenance is required on the G5 fan frame assembly?

With the G5 spreaders, New Leader has removed most of the grease fittings at the back of the machine. The G5 fan frame utilizes poly slide pads that require no grease and are self-cleaning. The only maintenance that is required is normal cleaning to prevent product buildup on the material divider and G5 vane assembly. We also recommend checking the free play of the assembly and adjusting if required.

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Is section control determined by spinner speed increases and decreases?

No, the G5 uses fan frame position to facilitate section control. By changing product placement on the spinner disks, the G5 controls where product is spread during section control.

Do you spread test the G5 differently than my old G4?

Spread testing is still done in the same manner with one minor change. Instead of performing one spread test at an average rate (as it is done today on the G4), you will perform one test at a low rate, and a second test at a high rate. By doing this, the machine is learning the correct fan frame position for the entire range of product rates. This ensures that the fan frame is in the correct position at all rates to provide the best spread pattern possible.

What rate controllers are compatible with the G5?

All ISO compatible controllers will operate the G5.

What machines can I get a G5 on?

The G5 is available from all major equipment manufacturers. Please contact your preferred local dealer for details.

Can I get the G5 as a pull type machine?

Yes, the NL5060 pull type spreader utilizes G5 spinner technology.

Why would I buy a G5 over an air boom machine?

The G5 offers 16-section swath width control, ability to spread up to 4 products, and unmatched field efficiency. Please see the G5 ROI calculator at to calculate your potential savings.

Can I spread in high wind conditions with the G5?

Yes, beginning with the G4 series spreaders, the New Leader patented spinner system creates a wind shear effect instead of lofting the product high into the air. This allows for worry-free spreading in wind conditions up to 25 mph.

How many products can I spread with a G5 compared to my air spread machine?

New Leader spreaders with the MultiBin installed are capable of spreading up to 4 products at one time. The MultApplier allows for up to 2 products.

Can I broadcast herbicide products with the G5?

No. Due to the product characteristics of herbicide products, they are not well suited for broadcast application with a spinner spreader.

What is the application rate range of the G5? We do rates from 150# to 1500# rates.

There are many factors that effect application rate ranges. These factors include product density, ground speed, swath width, etc. Please contact your New Leader dealer for details on how to
calculate rate ranges for any given product that you may apply.

Many of my growers will not allow me to use a spinner spreader on their farms. How do I convince them that a spinner spreader will do as good as my air boom system?

The best way to show how a New Leader spreader compares is to show them. Host a field day where you can run both machines and explain the benefits of a New Leader spreader over other machines in the marketplace. Contact your New Leader dealer for details.