BONUS: 4 More Frequently Asked Questions About G5 Spreader Technology

Can I apply lime and at what rates?

Yes.  However, if you are going to run very high rates, or if you are running more lime than fertilizer, you may want to consider one of our other spreaders.  During lime application with the NL5000 section control is disabled due to the volume and flow characteristics of lime.  If the majority of what you spread is lime, we highly recommend either a 4000HP or 4500HP for the ultimate in lime spreading efficiency.

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How many profiles can I set, and do we have to have one for every product or can I just use one?

You can store up to 25 different product profiles.  We highly recommend creating a profile for each product you spread.  This ensures the ultimate accuracy from your New Leader NL5000 G5.

Does the feed gate move as I change rates?

The feedgate does not automatically move as rates change in the field.  Rate changes are accomplished by the controller automatically increasing or decreasing the speed of the conveyor.

Can I manually shut off sections?

No.  The NL5000G5 will automatically control the 16 section shutoffs with GPS position.  The NL5000 does give the user the ability to manually select the remote spread feature.  This feature allows you to select to spread with either the left half or right half of the machine.

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