Myth 1: Spinner Spreaders Are Not Good at Regulating Where Product Is Applied

The Truth on Spinner Spreader Product Application


New Leader’s patented G5 spinner technology sets itself apart through its innovative fan frame movement and conveyor speed adjustments. By automatically shifting the fan frame fore and aft, and left and right, when applying nutrients on a field, operators are able to achieve up to 16-section swath width control. This allows for half-width spreading, last pass control, and boundary spreading. What does this mean for you? Proper nutrient placement, elimination of unnecessary overlap, decreased nutrient waste, and maximized ROI.

The G5’s automatic fan frame movement and conveyor speed adjustments also allows you to achieve superior variable rate application in real time, letting you maximize the field’s yield potential. If you have a prescription, New Leader’s G5 can fill it.

To learn more about the benefits of the NL5000 G5 hydraulic spreader, including the swath width control, watch this short video:

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