Myth 2: Broadcast Spinner Spreaders Can’t Spread More Than 80’ Wide Effectively

The Truth on Spread Width of Fertilizer Spinner Spreaders


New Leader spreaders can effectively and accurately spread 80 feet wide. They can also effectively and accurately spread 90 feet wide, and with certain products, even wider than that. New Leader’s unique spinner design prevents the lofting or dropping of products and instead pierces the wind in a horizontal plane. This allows for a wider, more effective spread pattern, even in windy conditions compared to other application equipment.

We know it’s hard to trust the pattern behind you when you can’t see it out your window. But with New Leader’s distribution system tucked safely at the rear of the machine, you don’t need to worry about fence posts, trees, or hills damaging your equipment. Achieve a wider spread pattern without the worry with New Leader spreaders.

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