New Leader Manufacturing Collaborates on Developing the First Dot-Ready Autonomous Dry Spreader

DOT Technology Corp. and New Leader Manufacturing are proud to announce their collaboration on a state-of-the-art dry spreader for the DOT Power Platform. This agreement will advance autonomous agriculture by strengthening an already robust offering of DOT-ready implements, including the SeedMaster 30-foot drill, the Connect PLU S120 Sprayer and C40 Coulter, and the SeedMaster grain cart.

Earlier today, the New Leader engineering team unveiled a CAD drawing of their concept at the demonstration hosted by DOT Technology Corp. at the University of Arizona, Maricopa Research Farm.

“New Leader is known for designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality broadcast spinner spreaders that lead the industry,” said Norbert Beaujot, president and founder of DOT Technology Corp. “The company has a well-known history of leveraging technology to make its equipment more productive and effective. We are very excited to work together with them to offer farmers the opportunity to have a G5 spreader on their DOT Power Platform.”

New Leader is designing a custom dry spreader based on their NL5000 G5 for the DOT Power Platform. The G5, through its patented swath width control technology, lets operators apply nutrients to the soil with pinpoint accuracy. The G5 can spread material in up to 16 sections, thereby reducing overlap, decreasing nutrient waste, and optimizing the placement of nutrients; making it a perfect accessory for farmers pursuing precision fertilizer application.

“We’re proud to be working with DOT on this exciting project. Both companies are committed to bringing versatile equipment to the marketplace that meets the needs of this ever-changing industry. We’re confident the combined solution between our companies will bring a real opportunity for growers to increase productivity and efficiency,” said Rob Rudolphi, Director of Global Business at New Leader Manufacturing.

As DOT Technology Corp. increases the number of implement partners it is working with, farmers will have more implements they can use on their power platforms, thus increasing the versatility of the Power Platform.

“We are keen to continue working with other implement manufacturers who are seeking to extend their products into autonomous farming,” said DOT CEO Leah Olson-Friesen. “Our collaboration with companies like New Leader will broaden DOT’s value to farmers significantly, enabling them to spend more of their time focusing on the overall operation of their farms.”

The innovative DOT Power Platform is helping farmers in myriad ways, by utilizing the mobile, diesel-powered, machine to handle a large variety of implements commonly used in agriculture. Through the continuous development of artificial intelligence capabilities, DOT reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates efficiencies such as: approximately 20 percent savings on fuel, labour, and equipment capital costs – resulting in a reimagination of how farming is and can be done.