The SGN and Crush Strength Test Kit helps determine particle size and hardness of the product being applied.

This determination is critical as material size affects the distance a material can be spread, and hardness affects how much energy (spinner speed) can be applied.

  • Durable carrying case
  • SGN scale
  • Crush strength tester
  • Guidelines
  • Instructions

Crushing strength is the minimum pressure needed to crush individual particles. Testing and knowing the crushing strength of a particular product will help determine maximum spinner RPM.

SGN (Size Grade Number) is the measurement of granule size in millimeters multiplied by 100. A product’s SGN will affect spread width.

It is highly recommended to perform a Catch Test, Crush Strength Test and SGN Scale Test prior to each season, before using a new product, or if a significant visible change has occurred with a product. Testing will define granular characteristics and help determine proper spinner settings for optimal product spread.

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