How 5 Simple Tenets Fuel Success at New Leader Manufacturing

At New Leader Manufacturing, we have built decades of success by following our guiding principles. We have remained at the forefront of the precision spreading industry, not only because of our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, but also because of our 5 Tenets of Success.

Our 5 Tenets of Success

These 5 Tenets serve as the foundation of our company’s culture, shaping our top-rated workplace and driving us toward excellence.

Act like an owner.

At NLM, we are all leaders — whether by title or by contribution. We encourage every member of our team to stay invested in our goals, which we reward through our quarterly profit-sharing plan. Together we embrace both our successes and failures. If we fail, we learn from it and move forward.

Be interested. Stay interested.

We are determined to break down traditional barriers that separate departments within our industry. By promoting cross-functional job shadowing, we strive to learn about each other’s roles, needs, and successes. As a company, we rise or fall together.

Create change. Start with yourself.

Every member of our team is an individual. Within ourselves, and within the walls of NLM, we forge ahead with proactive communication and action rather than waiting for change to come to us.

 Seek new perspectives.

Ideas can come from unlikely places. We welcome all perspectives and encourage collaboration that brings the best to our culture, business, and brands.

 Fail fast. Learn fast.

Innovation doesn’t come without some pain, and we aren’t afraid to fail. We learn from our failures and charge forward with an accelerated learning curve to deliver better ideas and implement better practices.

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