Importance of Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Agriculture

New Leader Manufacturing’s Commitment to Innovation

In an age where sustainability is increasingly crucial, the agriculture industry continues to face the same challenge: how to meet the ever-growing demand for food and crop production while minimizing negative ecological impacts.

Agricultural innovations that are both efficient and environmentally friendly are quickly becoming the driving force behind modern farming.

Rooted in Innovation

At New Leader Manufacturing (NLM), the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of New Leader® nutrient applicators, we are committed to innovating new products that continue to move the industry forward. Over the course of the past 84 years, we’ve evolved the industry from hand-operated spinner spreaders to revolutionary precision spreading technology — changing the game for our ag retailer partners and growers worldwide.

New Leader’s precision spinner spreaders are designed to apply fertilizer, compost, lime, and more with unparalleled accuracy. Equipped with advanced technology, such as GPS guidance systems, swath width control, and variable rate, multi-product application capabilities, our products enable ag retailers and growers around the world to increase their efficiency and accuracy in every field.

This commitment to innovation is engrained in our culture at every step of the manufacturing process. From how we source our materials to how we design and manufacture our products, local and sustainable practices remain a top priority. Through a complete commitment to excellence, NLM has developed partnerships with the world’s leading application equipment manufacturers, which has made us the leading brand of crop nutrient applicators.

Precision Manufacturing and Agriculture

New Leader broadcast spreaders are built by people committed to integrity, honesty, and increased well-being for all. Our dedication to 4R nutrient stewardship is seen in the ongoing pledge we make to continuous improvement.

Precision application produces the best results in the field by placing only the necessary measurements of materials exactly where they are needed, resulting in more responsible nutrient utilization. But precision application starts with precision manufacturing — which is why New Leader designs innovative equipment with optimal spread patterns for a wide range of nutrients and seeds.

From our incorporation in 1939 to our continued innovation and product development evolving from the L4000G4, to the G4 Edge, and to the NL5000G5, NLM is continuing to focus its future on efficient, sustainable, and precise product development.

Innovation in agriculture is essential for the future of farming and our planet, and New Leader Manufacturing is proud to play a crucial role in promoting sustainable agriculture that benefits all of us.