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If you want to spend more money, buy a cheaper spreader.

There are a few really expensive things. Like downtime during peak application season. Multiple passes in the field and unnecessary overlap. Avoiding those costs is exactly why you need the New Leader G5 spinner spreader. The longest lasting, most efficient spreader you can buy. Backed by the best service and support in the industry. It’s the reason we are the leader. New Leader Spreaders. NO TIME FOR DOWNTIME.

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Industry-Leading ROI

  • Less trips across the field
  • More acres covered per day
  • Reduced field compaction
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Industry-Leading Productivity

  • High capacity, high output spreader
  • Efficient placement of nutrients
  • Reduced run-off, over-application, and nutrient waste

Precision Application:

  • 16-section swath width control
  • ½ width spreading
  • Last pass control
  • Boundary spreading
  • Precise independent spinner control and monitoring
  • Automatic feedgate and fan frame control

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive New Leader user interface with up to 25 stored product profiles
  • System sensors to monitor spreader performance
  • Feedgate optimizer with automatic adjustment

Ease of Maintenance:

  • Centralized grease banks
  • Automatic chain tensioner
  • Automatic chain oiling routine & alarms
  • 304 stainless steel cross tubes, mounts, and take-up brackets
  • Diagnostic feedback

Multi-Product Capabilities:

  • MultApplier: Two product, variable rate spreading
    • Enhanced feedgate design for higher outputs
    • Stainless steel connections for  easy removal
  • MultiBin: Four product, variable rate spreading
    • Stainless steel connections for easy removal
    • Optional MicroBin top cover

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