Myth 3: Spinner Spreaders Utilize Less Technology = Less Accurate

The Truth on Spreader Technology & Spread Accuracy


New Leader’s G5 contains innovative and revolutionary spinner technology that brings an unprecedented level of precision application to the fertilizer spreader industry. The difference between  G5 broadcast spreaders and other precision application equipment? The New Leader technology is tucked safely in the spinner assembly at rear of the machine, away from fence posts, hills, and tough spreading conditions. While the majority of spinner spreaders on the market today do not allow for precision application, New Leader’s G5 gives operators the ability to spread nutrients in up to 16 sections. This section control technology ensures proper nutrient placement, eliminates unnecessary overlap, and decreases nutrient waste.

New Leader’s G5 also comes equipped with a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Features include diagnostic feedback and automated service notices. Cables and software make it plug-and-play for use with any compatible controller, so you only need to learn one system.

When peak spreading season hits and machines are running long hours, having equipment that’s durable and user-friendly with less moving parts can make all the difference.

To learn more about the G5 technology and New Leader user interface, visit the New Leader Support page for helpful “how-to” videos.

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