Myth 5: Broadcast Spinners Aren’t Reliable in Windy Conditions

The Truth on Spreading in Windy Conditions


Endless hours and effort go into each field to ensure its yield is maximized to its fullest potential. But your best made plans are rendered useless if you can’t execute them when and how you need to.

Application windows are shrinking every year. The agricultural industry is facing the challenge of doing more with less. While we all hope for ideal conditions, rarely do we get them. When windy conditions are present, you don’t have the luxury of waiting to apply products to the field. New Leader’s patented and unique spinner design prevents the lofting or dropping of nutrients and instead pierces the wind. This lets the distribution of product to be less affected by wind and more capable of achieving a precise and accurate spread pattern even in windy conditions.

Although conditions are constantly changing, and machine calibration should be performed, New Leader spreaders were designed to have one of the most accurate, precise, and effective spread patterns in the industry, even when the wind is blowing.

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