Myth 4: Spinner Spreaders Can Only Apply One Product at a Time

The Truth on Spreading Multiple Nutrients


For some of the competitor spreader manufacturers out there, this statement is still true. New Leader spreaders on the other hand were designed to maximize your productivity in the field. The MultiBin insert lets you spread up to 4 products independently or simultaneously, at straight or variable rates, in a single pass. If you only have two-product spreading needs, the MultApplier insert turns your single-hopper unit into a dual hopper-unit. And, just like with the MultiBin, you can spread those two products independently or simultaneously, at straight or variable rates. Both inserts are equipped with stainless steel connections for easy install and removal.

If a single hopper for your blended product is all you need, New Leader’s high capacity, high output spreaders will let you cover more acres per day and maximize your ROI in the machine.
Nothing causes a headache like multiple passes in a field during peak spreading season. Increase your productivity by simply having more flexibility to choose your options.

To learn more about New Leader’s multi-product capabilities, read the NL5000 G5 Walk Around Guide.

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