The NL345 pull behind broadcast spreader, with its high output and high capacity capabilities, is the ideal spreader for applicators demanding consistent, accurate, and reliable performance for spreading ag lime and dry fertilizer.

Boundary spreading made easy.

The G4 Edge patented spinner technology spreads material fast, wide and with increased accuracy and consistently. Dual RPM sensors and PWM valves maintain a precise speed on each spinner independently to control the distance you need. With the flip of a switch, the G4 Edge will apply materials along a boundary line placing nutrients where crops need them.


  • #4 Belt-Over-Chain Conveyor
  • Tractor Driven PTO Hydraulics
  • Hillside Divider (single bin only)
  • Inverted V (single bin only)
  • ISO Controls with Switchbox
  • Dual PWM Spinner Valves
  • Fenders

*Images do not reflect recent trailer update.

Because one size doesn’t fit all.

  • MultApplier or MultiBin
  • Single Bin Conversion Kits (includes endgate, hillside divider, inverted V, and lube bank)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Sideboards (for MultApplier and MultiBin inserts)
  • Low Level Bin Sensor
  • POINT Scale System

Easiest spreader interface on the market.

The New Leader User Interface software is truly plug-and-play with any ISOBUS-ready display and allows us to add improvements and updates that are fully-tested, and provide the best solution to meet our customers’ needs while also providing complete support.

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